trevor//peter adheres to the latest standards prescribed by the Employment Standards Act.  

Starting October 1, 2019 the agency will apply the following restrictions on leaves of absence.

In a calendar year employees will be granted the following permissions:

  • Sick days = 2 paid per calendar year

  • Bereavement = 2 paid per calendar year

  • Family / Personal Responsibility = 2 per calendar year

These allocations are not to be considered mandatory or included in your compensation package.  These days are accumulated nor to be used unless required by the employee.  All time must be tracked on Timetastic and are subject to approval by your manager.


If days beyond the allowance are requested, these will be treated as unpaid days and conversations with your manager may ensue.

The information on this site is subject to change without notice.  We'll do our best to make sure everyone has the most up to date information.